Improve the efficiency of your product pages and improve conversions


Thursday 22 April 2021 
Elsa Benaiche Elsa Benaiche
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Improve the efficiency of your product pages and improve conversions

The product page is an essential element of the sales strategy: 52.6% of cart additions1 are done through this page, making it essential to pay particular attention to this page.

To persuade potential buyers, the quality of the product page must be flawless. This requires that businesses monitor eCommerce trends and continually research new strategies to optimize the efficiency of their product pages: addition of videos, highlighting customer reviews, SEO, cross sales, detailed product information…

Discover 8 essential tips for optimizing the effectiveness of your product pages and increasing their conversion rate.

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1. Take example from current trends

Take example from current trends product pages

To optimize the efficiency of product pages and remain competitive, it is important to keep on top of market trends and best practices: Augmented Reality (AR), 360° visuals, storytelling, GIFs, customer reviews… This competitive watch is essential.

Businesses following emerging trends and regularly updating their product pages in line with these trends, experience better conversion rates and sales. For example, using customer reviews can increase the conversion rate of a product page by 270%2 while products associated with 360° visuals generate +6%3 in sales.

2. Enrich product information

To improve the efficiency of a product page, it is important to enrich the product information as much as possible to ensure that it is complete and detailed: technical features, marketing descriptions, photos from different angles, product demo videos, tutorials, sales pitch, user guide… This information is essential to reassure the buyer and allow them to ensure that the product really corresponds to their needs: 71% of shoppers4 want to have access to highly detailed information about a product that they are researching.

3. Use a multilingual strategy

To increase the effectiveness of product pages among potential foreign buyers, it is important for a business to implement a multilingual management strategy for their own product pages and to monitor those of competitors: languages targeted, quality of translations, local expressions used, chosen keywords… This effort of competitive watch allows them to implement the best possible multilingual strategy.

Once the multilingual strategy has been defined, the business must systematically translate the content of each product page into the language of the targeted shoppers. This translation effort is essential to allow shoppers to fully understand the company's sales pitch and to buy worry-free: 75% of shoppers5 prefer to buy products presented in their language.

4. Optimize calls-to-action

Position, shape, color, wording… There are numerous aspects6 to consider on a product page, to optimize the productivity of calls-to-action (CTA) and increase conversions. It is essential to test several possibilities for creating the best possible CTA: test different colors, change their position on the page, carry out A/B tests to identify user preferences… Customized CTA have a conversion rate 202%7 higher than other CTA.

Associating an urgency with the CTA is another good means of boosting conversions. For example, a company can display the remaining stocks of a product and/or announce a reduction with a limited time span. These additions give a sense of urgency to the buying process and increase a product's conversion rate by 332%8.

5. Suggest additional products

Cross-selling is a highly effective additional sales technique for increasing the conversion rate of a product page. It involves suggesting additional products complementary to those that the buyer has already bought online. Creating pertinent connections between several products, cross sales enable the shopper to experience a great global experience and to better navigate between the different product pages of an eCommerce site.

The advantage for a business in using this technique is to attract the attention of shoppers already on the product page to increase the chance of converting them into customers: the probability of making a sale is higher (between 60% to 70%9) than with new visitors (between 5 to 20%9).

6. Optimize product page SEO

It is essential to optimize the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of contents to increase the visibility of a product page among shoppers: 93% of shoppers10 begin their online experience through search engines and 51%11 use Google to research a product before buying.

SEO product pages

In answer to these challenges, you must meet the consumers' desire for information and integrate keywords in line with their search engine requests. It is also important to structure the product page well and to fill in each SEO field correctly: short and catchy title, Alt attributes linked to the images containing targeted keywords, appealing and well-structured Meta description (H2, H3, H4…), compliance with the total number of words recommended for each page…

7. Set up a verification process

The presence of errors on a product page is no longer acceptable to shoppers and has a negative impact on their online experience: 98% of shoppers12 are discouraged from confirming a purchase if the product information contains errors. SEO errors are also frequent and can create a disappointing user experience13: 45% of websites13 analyzed are missing Alt attributes, 25%13 have no Meta Descriptions and 12%13 have no language declaration.

To guarantee the efficiency of product pages and ensure correct SEO, it is essential to implement a process for checking the information and technical elements of each page. Implementing this process reduces the risk of errors and improves the online shopping experience.

8. Develop a blogging strategy

Tutorials, comparisons, user guides, interviews, trends… Blog articles are extremely effective contents for drawing visitors to a product page: 60% of online shoppers14 say that blog articles provide real added value in the first phases of the shopping process.

Blog articles arouse interest and show how a product can solve a specific problem. To boost sales, a company can write a blog article and include links leading towards the product pages with a connection to the topic being discussed.

A product page can encourage or dissuade15 the shopper from buying a company's products and/or services. For a product page to attract visitors and convert leads into sales, it is essential to constantly rework the contents and the SEO and to develop a robust content marketing strategy. To gain in efficiency day to day, many businesses are now using marketing software solutions.

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