Goaland PIM, the solution adapted to the retail industry

In today's hyper-competitive environment, retailers have to present a wide variety of products on a multitude of selling channels, and make constant efforts to improve their sales margins: special offers, product promotions, product showcasing, appealing photos…

They face numerous challenges including working with multiple information sources, inefficient collaboration with suppliers, difficulties standing out from the competition…

Goaland PIM helps retailers to overcome these challenges.

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Why do retailers need a PIM solution?

49% of retailers say that « breaking down silos » is their main challenge.
47% of retailers have problems unifying their online and offline data.

How is Goaland PIM adapted to retail?

Centralization of product information

With Goaland PIM you can centralize and manage all product data from multiple information sources: marketing descriptions, images, sales pitches…

Effective collaboration with partners

Goaland PIM has specific collaborative features (workflow and access rights management, supplier portal…) to organize interactions between retailers and their partners.

Quick and targeted distribution of information

Goaland PIM distributes the right information adapted to the specifics of each selling channel, guaranteeing the consistency of information on all distribution channels.

Push your product offer on all selling channels

Goaland PIM has several customizable connectors, a generic import/export system and a REST API Web service allowing you to communicate your product offer on numerous eCommerce platforms: Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento…

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