PXM - Product Experience Management

What is PXM (Product Experience Management)?

PXM is part of the more global notion of Customer Experience Management (CXM): a new, more qualitative approach to client relations which focuses on taking their individual preferences into account. This involves providing them with a personalized, dynamic and targeted experience, including content, offers, products and services.
PXM is the “product” adaptation of CXM: it consists in providing each client with a unique product experience to create an emotional link to the product.

Content is at the heart of the product experience


Clients are looking for high quality product information: it needs to be precise, complete, up-to-date and detailed. It must enable the client to perceive themselves using the product, thus creating an emotional bond.


In an omnichannel strategy, it is essential that the product content which is communicated to clients be consistent on all points of contact: this is mandatory for developing trust.


Nowadays, clients expect a personalized experience: product information must correspond to them (languages, cultures, usage…). We can no longer use the same message for everyone.


In the era of virtual assistants, clients need to be able to easily find the right product for them. This is achieved through the optimization of product search information on all sales and information channels.

How to build an exceptional product experience?

Thanks to an efficient PIM / MDM / DAM solution


All product information is managed through a unique solution which interacts with marketing tools.

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Product information is analyzed, inspected, improved, checked and secured before being circulated to ensure consistency and responsiveness.

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Product information is organized and adapted depending on the different contexts to allow for the circulation of personalized contents.

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