Goaland PIM, the solution adapted to prepress agencies

Prepress agencies create and prepare numerous documents (leaflets, brochures, flyers, POS displays…) and ensure that each document is of premium quality.

They face many challenges including tedious collection of information from customers, long and time-consuming validation processes, toing and froing to achieve finalized versions of documents...

With Goaland PIM prepress agencies can get this job done efficiently and save a lot of time in their document preparation.

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Why prepress agencies need PIM

50% of prepress agencies waste a lot of time creating and preparing documents.
43% of prepress agencies encounter difficulties in the document validation process.

How is Goaland PIM adapted to prepress agencies?

Centralization of all product information

With Goaland PIM your information is centralized and kept safe: content sent by your clients, digital media (icons, logo, images…), texts…

Automated page layouts

With the print module you can use the information contained in your PIM to, automatically or semi-automatically, generate all types of documents: catalogs, flyers, brochures…

Simplification of the document validation process

Goaland PIM has a validation workflow for approval of the final page layout of your documents before printing and/or distribution on digital channels.

Present professional quality documents

The print module is based on Adobe InDesign Server© and can produce large volumes of top-quality documents: catalogs, leaflets, flyers…

More about the print module

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