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Eurocoustic Saint Gobain

Specialist in acoustic correction ceiling solutions

Accelerate the time to market for new products

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Key elements of the project

Centralized management of product data
Automated production of printed materials
Automated supply to websites
Information adapted in 6 languages for 4 different countries

Eurocoustic, a Saint-Gobain company, chose Goaland's solution to accelerate their time to market and boost their efficiency in managing over 1500 product references on various channels: digital (websites in France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain), print (catalogs, price catalogs, product datasheets, reference datasheets...).

Goaland solution improved the productivity and autonomy of the teams in managing multi-brand, multi-country, and multilingual websites. The solution also simplified the production of print media: presentation and enrichment of product data, assisted page layout, simple and speedy export procedures…

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