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Find out about Smart Comparison and Analysis, an innovative AI based module in the Goaland PIM which automatically gathers detailed product information from the eCommerce sites of your competitors, distributors and sales network and integrates it into the PIM.

With the Smart Comparison and Analysis module you can effectively compare your product offer with that of your competitors: products, prices, keywords, classifications, product information… control the distribution of information and analyze your own environment.

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What is the Smart Comparison and Analysis module for?

Modular Structure
Better control over the distribution circuit

The Smart Comparison and Analysis module gives you better control over product information across all distribution channels: distributor network, partners, wholesalers… With Smart Comparison and Analaysis, you can ensure that information is reliable, consistent, and up to date on each channel.

Modern Workflow
An organized overview of the competition

Smart Comparison and Analysis has advanced features (centralization, organization, search engine, analytics…) to give you a precise, comprehensive, and coordinated view of your own competitive environment improving your strategic decision making.

Fully Responsive
Less time spent on comparative analysis

Our Smart Comparison and Analysis module monitors the competition and relieves you of time‑consuming comparative analysis tasks: regular consultation of product data sheets, search for information, monitoring prices… You vastly reduce the time spent on writing and adapting datasheets.

Comparative analysis is the key to getting noticed

90% of businesses state that competition is tougher than ever in their industry.
93% see comparative analysis as a key differentiation strategy.
A highly competitive environment

Presenting a unique product offer positions you clearly on the market and amongst competitors.

A constant need for innovation

Diversifying your product catalog and continually launching new products is a key differentiation factor.

A growing interest in comparative analysis

More and more businesses are investing in comparative analysis to stay ahead of their competitors.

Why is comparative analysis so difficult to manage?

36% of businesses say that « the search for information » is their most time‑consuming comparative analysis task.
Increase in the volumes of product data

Products are increasingly varied, and the volume of associated data continues to increase: technical features, photos, descriptions, EAN codes…

Multiplication of information sources

Marketplaces, eCommerce, social selling, distribution network… The multiplication of selling channels makes controlling the quality of the relevant product data extremely challenging.

Data obsolescence

Price changes, launch of a new range, addition of a category, innovations… The constant variation in the product offer makes it difficult to keep data up to date.

Information is not shared

Marketing, R&D, purchasing, production, IT… each department gathers information for their specific needs, promoting compartmentalization of data in the company.

Comparative analysis: a true competitive advantage

Businesses that manage comparative analysis effectively find the right information and generate 4 times faster and generate 4 times more revenue..


Using our injector technology, the Smart Comparison and Analysis module automatically and regularly retrieves all product data from your chosen eCommerce sites (photos, product descriptions, prices…) and injects it into the PIM coherently and with structure.

Stay informed

The PIM Smart Comparison and Analysis module automates the entire competitive analysis process: the system analyses and summarizes any changes detected on the eCommerce sites that you follow: new products, variations in prices or stock levels, photos, technical details, completeness…


Your Smart Comparison and Analysis module allows you to automatically compare different information and to highlight these differences: competitors product datasheets, elements within a specific datasheet (e.g.: different selling prices per platform), datasheet history...


With the PIM Smart Comparison and Analysis module you can create fully customizable reports: presentation, performance indicators, recipients, and frequency… After configuration, you will receive these reports automatically by email and can also access them through the platform.

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