Communicate an incomparable product offer

At the heart of your Information System, the Goaland PIM facilitates the convergence of all your software solutions: ERP, CRM, eCommerce sites, marketplaces… allowing you to communicate an incomparable product offer on all selling channels.

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Facilitate the integration with your Information System

Through our configurable connectors, our generic import/export system, and our API Webservices REST, Goaland PIM integrates perfectly with your Information System allowing you to communicate your product offer on numerous eCommerce platforms and marketplaces.

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Create a strong connection with the product

Combine PIM and DAM intelligently

Goaland PIM includes Digital Asset Management (DAM) features and has connectors enabling it to interact with several of the leading DAM solutions on the market.

You can manage thousands of digital media items and send appropriate media to each selling channel.


Transmit your product information quickly and precisely


Use its smart import/export features to gather and transmit all your product information: photos, descriptions, prices, selling points…


Boost your efficiency by automating the data adaptation process: code management, image formats, data correspondence…


Guarantee quick and secure transmission of your product information to all your selling channels: eCommerce, marketplace, mobile, print, point of sale…

Smart Comparison and Analysis: maintain a competitive advantage

Monitor information on all your selling channels

Smart Comparison and Analysis is an innovate AI based module of Goaland PIM which automatically retrieves all product data from chosen eCommerce sites and injects it into your PIM in a coherent and structured manner.

Improve your comparative analysis

Use the Smart Comparison and Analysis module, to automate the comparative analysis process and quickly compare your product offer with that of your competitors: products, prices, stocks, photos…

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Create all your documents easily

Based on InDesign Server, the print module capitalizes on the data managed in the PIM to create your marketing materials (catalogs, brochures, product datasheets, flyers…).

You can use the product information produced by Goaland PIM, integrate it into professional quality page layouts and guarantee that the information on all your documents is always relevant and updated.

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Make a success of your PIM project

Be sure to get the right support

It is essential to have the right support to ensure the success of your PIM project. Goaland supports you throughout all the phases of your project's implementation: project definition and scoping, platform configuration, integrations, training and change management…

Guarantee complete integration with your Information System

For successful integration of Goaland PIM with the rest of your Information System, Goaland carries out specific developments and facilitates exchanges between the PIM and any other software solutions in your Information System: ERP, CRM, eCommerce platforms, automated page layout tools…