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Belambra Clubs, formerly VVF Vacances, is a major tourism stakeholder selling holidays and rentals in over 50 clubs in France. Its clientele is composed of individuals, tourism professionals and businesses.

Belambra Clubs’ marketing is based mainly on printed media: catalogues, brochures, mailings, etc.

Key figures

  • 9000 residences in over 55 clubs
  • 500,000 individual clients
  • 2000 groups per year
  • +€175M Revenue in 2017

Key points

  • Adapt information according to different situations: season, target, media
  • Several annual print productions with the support of a design/prepress agency

The context

A very large volume of documents to produce

The tourism industry is traditionally very attached to printed media and produces a large volume of seasonal publications in the shape of catalogues, brochures, mailings, flyers, etc. Each year Belambra issues over 90 different printed products, which involves designing and printing over 1800 pages.

The Belambra marketing and sales teams previously used a design/prepress agency for the design and layout of pages. Production times were very long due to the many exchanges between teams for the integration of contents into page layouts, choice of images, corrections, etc.

The requirements

A central tool for generating and validating documents

Reduce document production times to improve the “Time to market” through:

  • Standardization of workflows and autonomy of Belambra teams for the image selection and text correction phrases
  • Centralization and structuring of information in a PIM to automate document layout and lessen the load of the agency’s DTP teams.

The challenge

Structuring information to automate page layout

  • Differentiate information per season, target, media
  • Adapt the style guide per type of destination or accommodation
  • Coordination between Belambra Clubs teams and the agency



Belambra asked Goaland to work with their Alpia PIM/Arsia platform operating agency to find a solution to the problems of centralizing information, automating page layouts and structuring the proofreading and correction process.

The project stages:

  • Identification of means of distinguishing between contents
  • Design and supply of data repository
  • Configuration of validation workflows
  • Configuration of use profiles
  • Training users in charge of data repository, DTP, and the automated production of materials

Each seasonal production requires the design of a new style guide, generating new layout and automation problems. To deal with this, the Goaland consultants work regularly with the agency to optimize the dynamization of layout templates and to create automation structures for the flow of data coming from Alpia PIM.


Optimized management of the product repository and consistent omnichannel communication

The implementation of the Alpia PIM/Arsia platform has revolutionized working methods between Belambra and the agency. The results: increased productivity and a reduction in material production costs.

The centralization of their offer in a single repository, essential for the automation of page layout, now enables Belambra Clubs to implement its omnichannel communication, and in particular its digital media.

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