Goaland PIM, the solution for the tourism industry

Businesses in the tourism industry manage a wide variety of offers and all the associated information: prices, activity types, accommodation photos… This information changes regularly depending on the time of year and must always be accurate, detailed and up to date.

Among the main challenges they face are the multitude of offer types, the number of documents to be produced every year, frequent price variations…

Goaland PIM helps tourism businesses to meet these challenges.

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Why do businesses in the tourism industry need PIM?

92% businesses in the tourism industry do not trust their own product information.
90% of the data managed by tourism businesses is unstructured.

How is Goaland PIM adapted to the tourism industry?

Centralization of offers in a unique product repository

Goaland PIM centralizes all offers and their associated product information (photos, marketing descriptions, prices...) in a single system.

Organization and modeling of product information

With Goaland PIM businesses can manage a complex data structure and organize information on different levels: sites, resorts, regions…

Adjustments to data before distribution

Goaland PIM allows you to anticipate any changes to product information (prices, reductions, sales pitches…) and to quickly update data before distribution to selling channels.

Create several versions of your documents

The print module enables businesses to easily adapt their documents to each context: target market, translation, customization according to the time of year…

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What our clients have achieved with Goaland

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“ The Goaland PIM solution literally made our lives easier as we work with 6 countries who each manage their websites independently. I now have a global view of our 4 brands, which increases the efficiency of exchanges with the sales teams and boosts sales. ”
Hakim OUAHABI, Chef de Projet Digital, Saint Gobain Plafonds
Média Participations
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“ This powerful and flexible tool, with high quality tech support from the editor, allowed us to merge four product repositories from separate systems in one application « the Goaland PIM » in under 6 months. ”
Laurent BOURGUIGNON, Urbaniste SI, Média-Participations
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“ The implementation of Goaland solutions brings daily benefits: more efficient collaboration between teams, increased productivity, acceleration of time to market, improved quality of product information… ”
Pedro Lopes, Directeur de Développement SI, DDB
Stéphane GUICHARD - Havas
Havas logo-1
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“ The Goaland solution is both powerful and simple: structured data available to all, incomparable simplicity in its interconnection with other tools, and collaborative real time teamwork with full automation. ”
Stéphane GUICHARD, Directeur général adjoint, Havas Factory