Vacations and activities for the Electricity and Gas Industries

Implementation of the “PIM cataloguer” project


Beneficiaries in 2016, or 1% of the French population


Employees including 3340 with permanent contracts


Destinations and vacation activities

Key elements of the project

Energy and services

The Caisse Centrale d’Activités Sociales (CCAS) centralizes and manages social activities for the agents of the Electricity and Gas industries.

Connect the 3 activity departments
Supply 3 distribution channels
Interconnection with a DAM and the IS
Prepare the generation of future catalogs

The context

A multi-tool service with no data management system

A multi-tool (Web, paper, Smartphone apps…) service, but without a system for centralizing administration.

The needs

Optimize information management and develop digital tools

Develop its digital offer with Alpia PIM and synchronize omnichannel distribution.

The challenge

Design the data model and assimilate Alpia PIM in the IS

An adapted data model, control the incoming and outgoing flow with the IS.


Agile method, POC, Deployment

Implementation of a POC, design of the data model. Implementation of automated flow between Alpia PIM and the different IS interfaces of the CCAS. Extraction flows structured for Adobe InDesign and EasyCatalog

The result

Optimized management of product reference documents, consistent omnichannel communication

With Alpia PIM the CCAS has optimized the administration of its product repository and guarantees the consistency of its omnichannel communication. The increase in productivity allows them to create new offers.

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