“PIM cataloguer” project for the CCAS
Vacations and activities for the Electricity and Gas industries

Energy and service

The Caisse Centrale d’Activités Sociales (CCAS) centralizes and manages the social activities for the agents of the Electricity and Gas industries. They provide vacations, cultural activities, restaurants, sports activities, insurance, health and social support, etc.

Key figures

  • 652 543 beneficiaries in 2016
    (1% of the French population)
  • 6700 employees including 3340 with permanent contracts
  • 3000 destinations and vacation activities

Key elements

  • Connect the departments: Vacations (DIRVAC), Culture/Physical & Sports/Leisure activities (CAPSL), Communication (DIRCOM)
  • 3 channels supplied: “Vacation space” web portal, 2 seasonal catalogs, Mobile application “Ma CCAS”
  • Interconnection with an external DAM (Phraseanet) and the CCAS Information System

The context

A multi-tool service with no data management system

The CCAS presents its offers on different medias: web portal, print catalogs, Smartphone apps… But it had no system for centralizing and generating these offers. The consequences:

  • long and tedious processes for updating and publishing offers,
  • information with deteriorated content (loss of text, quality of visuals…),
  • no means of tracking updates,
  • too many discussions with the service providers in charge of print catalogs

The needs

Optimize information management and develop digital tools

To develop its digital offer, the CCAS was looking for a PIM solution to optimize the management of its multi-range product reference documents, accelerate and increase the reliability of information update procedures, and synchronize the circulation of information between the different digital and print channels.

The challenge

Design the data model and assimilate the PIM

  • Design of a data model adapted to the variety of product ranges,
  • Handling a large volume of data
  • Setting up inflow and outflow with the IS (DAM, reservation administration, web portal, etc.)


Agile method – POC – Deployment

The project was implemented using an agile method. Implementation of a POC in phase 1 to validate the capacity of PIM Alpia to manage the complexity and the volume of the CCAS range. After validation of the POC by a steering committee, the project advanced to the production roll out phase.

Principal project stages:

  • Design of the data model, definition of use profiles and workflows
  • Setting up automated flow between Alpia PIM and the DAM Phraseanet and the various CCAS IS interfaces
  • Setting up structured extraction flows for the production of print catalogs with InDesign and EasyCatalog

The result

Optimized management of product reference documents, consistent omnichannel communication

The integration of Alpia PIM has enabled the CCAS to optimize the management of their product reference documents and to produce consistent omnichannel communication.

Structuring a unique data model, and centralizing the information in Alpia PIM, interconnected with the IS, has enabled the teams in charge of the CCAS range, to rationalize their working procedures. The CCAS team has increased its productivity which enables them to create new offers.

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