Goaland PIM, the solution adapted to manufacturing companies

To remain competitive, manufacturers must innovate constantly, launch new products, and stand out from their competitors.

Some of the challenges they face are a large volume of product references, strict national and international regulations, increased customer expectations…

Goaland PIM resolves manufacturers problems and boosts their competitiveness of .

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What makes PIM the solution for manufacturing companies?

87% of manufacturers have product data spread across several different information sources.
56% of manufacturers use more than five different applications to manage their product information.

How is Goaland PIM adapted to manufacturing?

Centralization of product information

Goaland PIM unites all teams around a unique product repository containing a reliable, complete, and up to date version of data.

Speedy preparation of product information

With Goaland PIM collaboration between teams is made easy and the process of preparing product information is simplified: translation, enrichment, adaptation to the legal context…

Speedy communication of product information

Goaland PIM facilitates speedy and targeted distribution of product information on all the selling channels used by the company.

Provide an exceptional product experience

The Goaland solution improves the experience for shoppers searching among a vast range of products and allows you to customize product information according to their profiles: preferences, preferred shopping channel, purchasing history…

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