Goaland develops software that optimizes and secures your omnichannel marketing, with solutions dedicated to managing, sharing and publishing your product data.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer users intuitive, collaborative tools which are easy to use on your own. . Constantly searching for new technologies , we optimize our software with always higher-performing features to meet your business needs:

  • Managing your product data, enriching information, controlled and secure omnichannel distribution,
  • Independence and control of the production process for your print and digital catalogs, coordinating different contributors.

For whom

Our software programs are designed for all business sectors (industry, retail, travel, communications, etc.) and all company sizes. They adapt perfectly to all your business requirements.

What do our solutions do for you?

Our software programs Alpia and Arsia adapt to the specific requirements of every company, in any area of business, to meet your needs, including customization, independence and peace of mind.






users per environment on average