goaland et ecole centrale lille

Goaland and École Centrale de Lille

Imagine the PIM of the Future with tomorrow's engineers




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Key elements of the project

Goaland is leading an R&D project in partnership with École Centrale de Lille (graduate engineering school)

This partnership has already given rise to two separate R&D projects

The GlorIA project: from 2017 to 2019, 15 engineering students worked on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in product information management.

The PIMalaya project: 12 engineering students are currently working on new uses for PIM software, a project focusing on UX (User Experience).

Coaching and training
Feasibility study
Individual customer interviews
Clarification of innovative solutions

PIMalaya Project

Provide our expertise for the new generation of engineers

Our R&D experience in product information management puts us in a position to supervise engineering students in a project enabling them to fully apprehend their future careers.


Coaching 12 engineering students and running R&D workshops over 3 semesters

Deliberations on product information management: supervision of PIM R&D workshops, introducing students to our customers to help them understand how PIM is used as well as the challenges of the business...


Application of engineering professions in IT

Teamwork, implementation and management of an R&D project (technology intelligence, analysis of requirements, design, modeling and prototyping of innovative solutions, technical integration, documentation…).

Project values

Goaland is involving students from École Centrale de Lille in an R&D project to imagine new ways of using PIM

The aim of this partnership between Goaland and École Centrale de Lille is to provide an opportunity for engineering students to apprehend the real issues of a booming industry through the context of a PIM focused R&D project.


A forward-looking project

  • Idea Incubators
  • Project management
  • Prototyping
  • Ultimate deliverables
projet R&D GlorIA IA


2017-2019 project: using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in product information management.

Logo R&D PIMalaya


2019-2021 project: new uses for PIM software, a project focusing on UX (User Experience).

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