Partenariat - ecole centrale de lille

Goaland and École Centrale de Lille

For several years, Goaland has been tutoring engineering students from École Centrale de Lille working on PIM themed R&D projects, to help them prepare for their future professions.

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Partnership objectives

The partnership between Goaland and École Centrale de Lille allows engineering students to learn from Goaland's experience in the field. Through this partnership they develop hands-on expertise, learn about managing a company driven R&D project, and better prepare for their arrival on the job market.


Train students from École Centrale de Lille and help them to define and prepare their future careers.

Sharing know-how

Share our expertise in managing product information and our experience in R&D.

R&D workshops

Organize and supervise R&D workshops focusing on product information management (PIM) technologies.

Individual interviews

Connect students with our clients to expand the students' understanding of industry demands.

Project values

Within the company, engineers play an essential role in developing innovative solutions.

R&D projects initiated by Goaland

Modular Structure
2022 – 2024
Smart comparison and analysis

Goaland is supervising 10 engineering students in research work on the use of comparative analysis in managing product information.

projet pimalaya
2019 – 2021

Goaland and 12 engineering students carried out research on the new uses of PIM software. This R&D project was fully UX (User eXperience) focused.

Projet Gloria
2017 – 2019

Supervised by Goaland, 15 engineering students examined how Artificial Intelligence (AI) could help to improve product information management.

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