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Guarantee the success of your projects


From modeling data and processes through to their implementation in our solutions, we help you to configure your platform to ensure a quick and easy start.


Our integration teams create connectors, import and export procedures and synchronize data with all types of application. It is also possible to customize your developments.

Project management

Each project is assigned a manager who oversees its execution, coordination between the different stakeholders and the achievement of the targets, as well as change management.


Our solutions are designed to make you fully independent. We therefore spend the time required to train your teams to use and manage all the functions relevant to your needs.

High quality service


Our consultants are technical or functional experts. They have a deep knowledge of all the possibilities provided by our solutions to provide the best responses to your needs.

Agile methods

Our missions are mainly carried out using an agile method to provide flexibility and responsiveness and to adapt to the developments of your projects.


Thanks to our devoted team and our supervision and exchange tools, we provide assistance on all of our services to ensure that our systems and processes run smoothly.



We help you to implement the print module to complement your PIM.

Adobe InDesign Expertise
Structuring information
Creating publication templates
Organization of production
Definition of workflows

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Functional consulting / audit

Our experts analyze and control the consistency between the business requirements of the users and the configurations in place (structure of data, workflow, user rights, user process…).

Technical consulting / audit

Our consultants measure, check and analyze the technical architecture, information exchange procedures and external developments to optimize performance and security.

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For a business, implementing a PIM project is a two-fold strategic and business challenge. New working methods, improvement of efficiency and performance levels, simplification of processes, increased competitiveness, acquisition of new markets, launching new products, new selling methods… To complete such a project successfully, it is essential to be supported by a team of specialists at every stage of the development.

Analysis, integration, deployment, support, training and change management, we provide your teams with the people, the tools and the best practices which will enable them to use our solutions independently. How can our services support your project?

A team of experts

80% of successful projects are implemented by a certified project management organization. To ensure the success of your project, it is vital to be supported by professionals with a thorough knowledge of the problems and challenges of your industry.Knowledge of your professional needs is what enables our teams to answer your questions, solve your problems, and provide real added value during the implementation of your PIM / project.

Our technical and functional experts have an in-depth knowledge of the Goaland solution. Specialists in product information management, they have successfully implemented PIM projects for businesses in a wide range of industries: Tourism, Industry, Publishing, Energy, Retail…. The feedback we receive from our customers increases our practical understanding and our understanding of the specifics of each industry.

Customized support

services 2

39% of projects fail through lack of planning, resources, and good management. Goaland is by your side at each stage of your project, following an Agile method to fully adapt to your priorities.

Each project is unique: business procedures, corporate culture, organization of data, technical architecture… Our consultants consider your restrictions and obligations, and work with you to determine a specific implementation plan for your project as well as identifying the tracking elements (organization and distribution of tasks, determining deadlines, critical path analyses, KPI dashboards, reporting, definition of iterations, list of stakeholders and responsibilities, tracking budget and deliverables…).

Well-structured project management

97% of businesses are aware that effective project management is crucial for their performance and success. “Project management” has become a decisive element in achieving the objectives established by a company.

Before integrating our solutions, we carry out an in-depth analysis of the existing situation, industry requirements and an audit of the technical architecture so that the solution implemented is a perfect match for the characteristics and needs of the company. To guarantee the success of your omnichannel strategy, a representative is appointed and present to coordinate discussions between the different stakeholders, to ensure that each stage of the project is implemented correctly and to ensure that the objectives determined in the specifications are achieved.

Successful Change Management

70% of change management projects fail due to resistance from the employees involved and a lack of backing from management. Introducing a new working method profoundly transforms processes and habits. Successful internal change management requires that teams and management be supported from the start of the project through the first phase of production. Our experience puts us in a position to implement all the actions required to change production processes and methods sustainably: definition of the project scope, internal communication, workshop facilitation, one-to-one support.

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