We assist you at every step of your project, from preparation to maintenance.

Data and process modeling

IT development always relies on data and processes working together. Whether using our solutions, Alpia and Arsia, or third-party tools or in-house software, our engineers and consultants are specialized in data and workflow modeling. Stemming from several years of experience in different sectors, our expertise allows us to develop with you the structures and workflows that enable you to work most effectively. We use UML (Unified Modeling Language) tools to organize all this information prior to implementation.


Configuring IT platforms has become increasingly flexible, to adapt better to all circumstances. But the corollary of this flexibility is more complex configuration and difficulty in choosing between different possibilities. Hence calling on expert consultants has become indispensable.

Our perfect expertise in Alpia and Arsia allows us to assist you in the configuration stage, both to save you time and to train you how to best use the solutions’ various parameters.

We advise you and help you choose your storage architecture, configure data structures, organize workflows, define export formats, etc.

Print publications

Automating publishing is no simple feat. Most often, you start with publications that are managed “manually ”with few restrictions. To achieve significant time savings in assisted page layout with Arsia, as well as gains in efficiency and security, it is essential to rationalize publications by defining different templates and possible combinations. You also need to determine early on the automation procedures to be implemented, as publishing is rarely fully automated: some pages are not subject to the automation rule, and manual alterations may be considered. You then need to determine the role of each contributor in preparing the elements, in order to define adequate, smooth workflows.

Thanks to our expertise in automated layout solutions based on Adobe InDesign© and Adobe InDesign Server©, we can advise you, train you and prepare your automated productions for you (templates, mappings, parameters, flatplans, etc…).

Change management

Deploying new tools and work methods may be anxiety-inducing for team members. Special attention must be paid to this factor in order to enable them all to understand and appreciate the changes. Because each company and each team is different, we adapt our methods to take into account the specific characteristics of the project and the personnel involved. The “change management ”aspect is an integral part of our project management mission.

Project management assistance

Because the IT sector keeps expanding, it is increasingly difficult to manage it all and to have in-house all the skills required to manage technical projects. We therefore offer project management assistance: our consulting engineers assist you on all aspects for which their expertise can help you ensure the feasibility of the project, save time and “translate ”exchanges between different types of contributors. Our main areas of expertise include solutions to manage product data repositories and interconnected applications (ERP, CRM, PIM, DAM, MDM), and implementing automated publishing.


We integrate our applications in our clients’ information systems.

We have acquired extensive experience with all types of protocols and formats (SOAP and REST Web-service exchanges; transfers via FTP, SFTP, NFS or Samba of flat files, CSV, XML or Json files; launching stored procedures, using APIs, etc.) to allow interconnecting different applications. We have engineered many connections with ERP tools (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, as well as in-house ERP solutions), CRM platforms (Selligent, Salesforce), DAMs (Xinet Webnative, Phraseanet), CMSs (Typo3, Joomla, Drupal), MDMs (Riversand) and PIMs (Akeneo, PIMCore).

When it comes to urbanization of your information system, we help you prepare exchanges to determine the flows, protocols, orchestration of exchanges and reporting involved.

Customized business applications

Our original focus was the development of business applications. Armed with this experience, we designed the turnkey solutions Alpia and Arsia while continuing to design and develop specific solutions for our clients.

We specialize in analyzing and designing solutions for special business needs such as: managing complex tags, platforms devoted to publishing leaflets and brochures, managing photo shoots, intranet platforms, e-CRM tools, packaging validation workflow management, etc. We have acquired expertise in managing complex data repositories (products, suppliers, brands, components), images (resizing, cropping, format conversion, color profiles), print processes (publication design, complex flatplan handling, automated page layout) and omnichannel strategy (e-commerce platform control, CMS exchanges, and personalized e-mailings).

Our expertise in different languages (PHP, Java, Javascript, CSS), frameworks (Adobe Scene 7, ext-JS, JQuery, BootStrap, Hibernate, Dalim Dialogue Engine), database management systems (MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, Oracle) and third-party software (Adobe InDesign Server, Magento eCommerce, Prestashop, WordPress, Joomla) allows us to adapt to your needs and architecture choices. We mostly focus on responsive design of web applications for use on computers, mobile phones and tablets.

We support you throughout the entire process from design to maintenance of your applications with continuous, dedicated project management.

We also take into account security and performance aspects in all our actions.

We work mostly in outsourced delivery mode, using the Agile software development methods: short development cycles allow you to build substantial applications gradually with released versions delivered regularly.

User experience (UX) is taken into account by our teams comprising graphic designers, ergonomists and engineers in order to develop intuitive, user-friendly, high-performing tools.

Artificial Intelligence

As part of our Research and Development (R &D) program, we have worked on using modern Artificial Intelligence technology (machine learning, image analysis, expert systems, genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic, etc.) in product repository management applications. In this context, we are involved in an ambitious R &D project with 16 engineering students of the Ecole Centrale in Lille, on Artificial Intelligence to enhance product information quality.

Our knowledge and expertise allow us to help you implement Artificial Intelligence in your systems or provide support (consulting engineers) on these innovative, highly technical and constantly evolving topics.


Today’s websites do much more than simply present your business. They have become actual online applications that directly impact your organization and your success.

Thanks to our web application expertise, we also design complex, high-added-value websites:

  • e-commerce platforms (based on Magento, Prestashop or in-house),
  • hosted software applications,
  • business configurators,
  • sales support tools,
  • online product customization.

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