AI: improve reality

A fully integrated assistant to write your content. In real time, produce product pitches to suit your targets. Goaland PIM's AI takes care of everything.

Push boundaries with AI

Goaland PIM has advanced AI features enabling you to work differently and to achieve the most ambitious targets.

Speedy opening of new markets
Deployment on new selling channels
Easy activation of audience segments
Improved sales
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Distribute your products on more channels

Customize your descriptions to suit the audiences of each platform

In just a few seconds, you can create product descriptions to suit the target audience of each platform: age range, interests, profile…

Present a different version on each channel

Whether you are working on an eCommerce site, a marketplace, or a social network such as Instagram provide a different description on each selling channel that you use.

Adapt your descriptions to the demands of each marketplace

Your products sell on Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, or eBay? Quickly create product descriptions adapted to their constraints: text length, style, level of detail…

Generate more international sales

Manage a multilingual environment effortlessly

Translate your descriptions instantly into several languages: German, Spanish, French… and attract new customers from other countries.

Launch quickly on new markets

Take it further by using AI to adapt your product descriptions to the specifics of each country: humor, idioms, cultural nuances… and present authentic descriptions on each market.

Reach a wider audience

Create on-point descriptions for each target

You wouldn't necessarily address a CEO, a retailer, or an individual buyer in the same way… Vary your styles, test different tones, customize your messages to match your target.


Boost your SEO with AI

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Avoid duplicate content

Vary the texts for each selling channel: length, style, tone… and avoid duplicate content and its negative impacts on your SEO.

Use the right keywords

Use the best keywords in your descriptions to ensure that your customers find the most relevant results in search engines.

Structure your texts perfectly

Let AI organize and model your product information and create clear and structured product descriptions.

Create unique descriptions that sell

Check grammar and syntax instantly

Target spelling errors, correct typos, detect syntax errors… and create top quality product descriptions.

Create several versions of your descriptions

Summarize information, expand on certain elements, create a short or long version… Use AI to adapt your descriptions to the constraints of each selling channel.

Check the consistency of your content in seconds

Allow AI to analyze your product descriptions, inspect them and identify incomplete or missing information in just a few seconds.

Let AI make the suggestions

AI can suggest how to improve your product descriptions to make them perform better: develop your sales arguments, add photos showing different angles, reformulate...

Take things further with the power of Goaland PIM

Modular Structure
Use the Goaland PIM workflow

Make use of the Goaland PIM workflow features to organize the roles and responsibilities of several contributors and check that descriptions are of sufficient quality before distribution.

Modern Workflow
Simplify the distribution of your descriptions on all selling channels

Exploit Goaland PIM's connections with numerous eCommerce platforms: Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Amazon… and communicate your product descriptions on all selling channels.