Goaland PIM: the treatment you need when your data is bothering you

Choose a powerful PIM solution with integrated native functionalities essential for in-depth processing of your data. Manage and publish your products and promotions in digital and print using its extensions and advanced export features.

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champs calculés


Calculated fields : integrated steering of your calculations

Requiring neither codes nor specific development, calculated fields integrate complete features for real time calculations, concatenations, functions, or tests on your data.

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Print Automation : complex page layouts in the blink of an eye

Catalogs, posters, point of sales display… You can focus on the creation! The layout is automated. Goaland PIM generates your complex publications.

Automate creation
A unique source of certainty, for all your product information

Connect your PIM solution to your ecosystem, centralize all your data for suppliers, customers, distributors… and create a unique source of certainty to consolidate, manage and analyze information smartly.

Through this single platform, in just a few seconds you can find the information you need, thanks to PIM's search engine and advanced filters, and access all the associated data : collections, suppliers, variations, brands, etc.

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Use a powerful PIM
to do more, and better

Modular Structure
Easily create your product datasheets using the automation features

No more manually typing product datasheets, use AI to complete the fields automatically: features, marketing description, prices… and adjust information as needed.

Modern Workflow
Optimize the quality of data as a team, using predetermined rules and the validation workflow

Use the PIM's collaborative and multi-profile features to work better together and organize tasks with appropriate consultation and user rights for enrichment, translation, and validation.

Fully Responsive
Distribute your product data to Shopify, Amazon and more

Automatically send product information compliant with any selling channel, supervise the process of sending towards each channel and maintain control over all the points of contact with your customers.

Use the latest technology,
at a competitive price

Cloud-based technology

Goaland PIM is available in cloud version to give you more flexibility, as well as greater possibilities for upgrading and simplicity of use. You can boost your digital transformation and enable your teams to access the PIM interface at any time and from any device.

A powerful PIM with AI functionalities

Get the most from the unlimited AI features of Goaland PIM for unrestricted possibilities: speedy access to new markets, deployment on new selling channels, activation of new audiences… and increase your efficiency.

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Build a beautiful performant website with Insight
Make your calculations easily

With no need for programming or specific development, the calculated fields provide a comprehensive range of features including calculations, concatenation of data, execution of various functions and the implementation of tests, all carried out on your data in real time.

Showcase your product by combining PIM and DAM

Manage your digital assets efficiently

Centralize, manage, and sort all your digital assets (images, videos, audio files…) and use the advanced search functionalities to find the media elements you need quickly.

Distribute your media in the right format on each channel

Automatically adapt your digital assets to the specific demands of each eCommerce platform: format, size, positioning… and present a different version of your media on each distribution channel.

Manage access rights carefully

Comply with the rules of use for your content: royalties, expiration, limitations… and determine access rights for your assets to avoid penalties, judicial proceedings, or negative impacts on your brand image, resulting from the misuse of your content.

Create remarkable marketing tools ,
with the print module

Get the most from the product data in your PIM to design exceptional Marketing documents. Based on Adobe InDesign Server©, the print module allows you to automatically create documents with a professional standard of page layout, and to export them easily towards various selling channels.

Product datasheets
Technical factsheets
How web agencies are using insight

Inspect, analyze and measure to optimize your product data

Control the quality of your product data in real time and according to pre-defined criteria: text length, image resolution, level of detail… and use the dashboards in the analytics module to measure your performance including breakdown per product type, level of completeness, or progress of translations.


Use the Smart Comparison and Analysis module
to present an ultra-competitive offer

With the smart comparison and analysis module, analyze your competitive environment, compare your product offer with that of your competitors: products, prices, stock levels… be alerted to any changes in their product offer and make the best strategic decision in all circumstances.

More about the Smart Comparison and Analysis module

Improve relations with your suppliers
through the unique portal

Manage access rights

Provide your suppliers and partners with a real-time view of your product data and manage this information depending on the different profiles for unfailing data security.

Control data

Simplify the collection and integration of your supplier and partner data through a unique portal and ensure that it complies with your constraints.

Federate your teams, partners and suppliers around a single platform