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Since 2008, Goaland is Adobe partner on Creative Cloud solutions.
We specialize in custom development to build your own solutions and we provide integration around InDesign Server. Based on over 10 years experience, our InDesign Server expertise is the key of success for your publishing projects.

Goaland is a member of GS1, the leading organization for standardization of coding methods in the supply chain. The Goaland expertise is focused on the GS1 product data sheet perimeter (GPC global classification, electronic catalog, GDSN network …)

The “Groupe des Ecoles Centrales ”is among the leading engineering schools in Europe. In 2017, Goaland with its graduated engineers Ecole Centrale has initiated a research and development project with the “Project Activity of Ecole Centrale of Lille ”. This R &D project is dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and its use as a tool to improve and secure the product data quality. As partner of the Project Activity of Ecole Centrale, Goaland leads and manages a group of 16 engineering students working on this AI project.
Every year, Goaland welcomes engineering students for internships.

With 27 data centers located in the USA, Europe, Asia, Australia (some of them are among the largest in the world) OVH is a world leading web hosting organization.
Goaland is partner OVH since 2011. We developed an expertise in using the various OVH hosting solutions. Goaland implements powerful and secure architectures, especially on the Public Cloud.

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