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digital shelf


Digital Shelf Promotion: stand out from the crowd

Organize and publish your sales operations in one click on a responsive site that is fully integrated and dedicated to promoting your products.

One click, one site

Digital shelf?

The Digital Shelf is the online equivalent of a store shelf. It is composed of all the points of contact used by the consumer to search for and examine a product, compare brands, and make their purchase. With the development of digital, these points of contact are increasingly numerous and make the shopper's journey complex.

Why is the digital shelf so important?

Strong competition

Competition is increasingly fierce on eCommerce platforms, in particular with the systematic promotion of best sellers or the rise of influencer marketing. It has become challenging for brands to remain visible to shoppers.

Diversification of selling channels

Social networks, mobile apps, Marketplaces… Shopping journeys are now less linear and more unpredictable. Consumers can interact with a product or brand at any time and are increasingly using all the selling channels available to them.

Online and offline synergy

Shoppers tend to use physical and digital channels together to find information on a product: 88% of them research online before buying in store.

Constantly increasing use of smartphones

Shoppers are also increasingly buying through their smartphones. 45% of shoppers use their phones to make purchases and are expecting more and more from this channel: quick and easy navigation (43%), quick checkout (37%), attractive design (29%)… and these shoppers won't hesitate to leave a mobile web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

How to perform on the Digital Shelf

A powerful and effective Digital Shelf strategy involves presenting an attractive product offer on all digital points of contact on which you are selling, and will help you keep a competitive advantage in your industry.

Digital Shelf Promotion

The solution for standing out on the shelf

Digital Shelf Promotion is a unique extension of Goaland PIM differentiating you from competitor brands on digital shelves
to boost your sales.

Organize your digital shelves as you would in a store

Through the PIM interface, organize your product and related information as you please: descriptions, prices, promotions… and customize your display to suit your brand image: logo, graphic charter, typeface…

Simplify the enrichment of product information

Enrich your product information more efficiently and complete your catalog with new elements: photos, YouTube videos, animation, links to social networks, user tips...

Give your customers additional information with editorial content

Go that bit further by linking your products to editorial content such as informative articles, presentation videos or recipes, to provide shoppers with more comprehensive and detailed information on the product they are considering buying.

Present a responsible site
by using Digital Shelf Promotion

Modular Structure
Provide the best mobile shopping experience

Give your customers a responsive site and optimize the display of your products on every device. This will enable your customers to see your products online in a logical structure that is easy to follow on all selling channels.

Modern Workflow
Find the design that will showcase your brand

Customize the display of your digital portal in line with your branding (logo, graphic charter, typeface…). Your customers will be able to identify your brand at first glance.

Desktop and tablet

Make life easy for your customers
by using Digital Shelf Promotion

Small Business
Simplified search

A search engine and specific filters allow you to search within a specific digital section: storage, kitchen ware, or décor for example, and to quickly find a product or information from among vast volumes of data.

Create shopping lists

Shoppers can use advanced features to create shopping lists depending on their needs and can add their chosen products. These lists can then be exported in PDF format or printed.

Customize the display in your shelves

Customize the order of the shelves on which your products are presented according to customer preferences. The system automatically shows them the products they have looked at most during previous visits to your website.

Optimize your marketing campaigns
with Digital Shelf Promotion

Highlight your promotions, special offers, reductions… in a format inspired by your in-store labels: reduction percentage in bold, prices crossed out, color codes… and use this format again and again to design and promote all your promotional campaigns.