PIM and Marketing strategy: create compelling product pages

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Thursday 17 September 2020 
Elsa Benaiche Elsa Benaiche
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PIM and Marketing strategy: create compelling product pages

In an eCommerce context, the product page becomes an essential element of your marketing and sales strategy. It provides your buyers with the key information on the product they are researching. 87% of shoppers1 say that this information plays an important role in their decision to buy.

To persuade a consumer to make that purchase the product page must be of the highest quality: comprehensive marketing descriptions, high definition photos, clear and precise sales information… To provide this, companies are increasingly turning towards PIM (Product Information Management) software to create the best quality product pages.

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PIM: a vital software for enhancing your product pages

For businesses managing many different product references, guaranteeing and controlling the quality of each product page can be a real nightmare. With PIM, product pages are enriched, optimized, and checked through a unique central reference source, before being published on eCommerce websites.

Check the quality and the completeness of product information

On an eCommerce site, consumers want to find as much information as possible before making their purchase. 78% of shoppers2 want to find detailed information about a given product.

pim and Marketing strategy

To provide this, the product page must give shoppers a clear and precise answer to each of their questions. It must contain reliable and comprehensive information: a short and clear title, a detailed description of the product, technical information that is both accurate and up to date…

PIM (Product Information Management) software enables you to present a high-quality product page for your shoppers. Using its multi-user management features, each contributor can check and correct any of the fields, depending on their user rights. A workflow engine also provides visibility of the progress of data factsheets.

Include digital media

In an in store context, shoppers can test, touch and handle the product: this is why 56% of shoppers3 choose to buy in stores.

pim and product pages

However, in an online sales context, the product page is the only link between the shopper and the product. It must allow them to really see the product and to imagine themselves using it. To achieve this, the product page should include a lot of product related digital media: main image, photos taken from different angles, examples of the product in action, 3D videos…

PIM versions which include a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system allow you to manage product information and digital media in many different formats: photos, enriched images, video files, logos, graphic aids… Using PIM and DAM together also enables each contributor, depending on their user rights, to enrich a product page using digital media.

Optimize the SEO of your product pages

When a shopper looks for a product, they find a lot of different brands touting similar products. In a highly competitive context, it has become vital to implement a strong SEO strategy. 64% of marketing professionals4 invest time and energy into developing their strategy.

For your product page to be visible it must be optimized for keywords. PIM optimizes the organic SEO for search engines. Using the inspection features, depending on their user rights, each contributor can integrate keywords and check their relevance for each SEO field: title tag, meta description, ALT attributes linked to images… To avoid duplicate content, the PIM also enables you to adapt product information to the format demands of each shopping channel.

Goaland's PIM, the guarantee of a successful product page

Goaland improves the quality of your product pages.The solution includes a real DAM: it centralizes, manages, and secures all your product data and digital media. Its user rights and workflow management features allow Goaland to control the quality and progress of each product page through to its validation. Its advanced features also allow you to optimize the SEO of your product pages to boost their visibility on search engines.

To boost the performance of your eCommerce website, the Goaland PIM lets you create informative, reassuring, and appealing product pages.

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