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Inbound Marketing platform for managing your competitive watch and identifying updates

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Simplify and organize your competitive watch with Ahuna

As part of your Inbound Marketing Strategy, Ahuna optimizes the competitive watch task necessary for the production of your content: regular consultation of websites, verification of key words on each page, monitoring emerging trends and news…

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Stay informed on news and updates

Automated scanning of websites

With Ahuna, the websites that you have identified are scanned regularly according to your specific needs.

Identify any additions

Through a customized Dashboard, you can monitor updates to contents and any new publications.

Production of daily reports

You receive an email with the list of the latest pages created, according to your chosen frequency.

Access detailed information on each website

Through the platform, access stats on the websites that you are following (stats per language, stats per country, organization of pages on each website and any changes...) and details about their key words (score, number of occurrences, density...).

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Accelerate your Inbound Marketing strategy

Find out how to increase your efficiency in the implementation of your Inbound Marketing Strategy with Ahuna.

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Inbound Marketing: definition and challenges

Regular publishing of content has become an essential element of any marketing and sales strategy. In their purchasing decisions,90% of shoppers are attentive to the contents published by businesses.

This change in shopping habits requires that companies implement an Inbound Marketing Strategy: 92% of businesses identified an increase in traffic and the rate of leads generated after the implementation of their strategy.

Discover exactly what's behind an Inbound Marketing Strategy and the main challenges involved in setting it up.

Inbound Marketing Strategy: definition

From Outbound Marketing to Inbound Marketing

Outbound marketing covers all the methods involved in making contact with prospects and persuading them to buy a product and/or service: cold calls, advertising, emails, website pop ups… With the development of new technologies, these methods are no longer enough to catch the attention of shoppers. Bombarded with advertising on the web (pop-ups, auto play ads, push notifications…), users can quickly become irritated by the “intrusive” nature of these methods: 86% say that they ignore ads and 44% of them never open commercial emails.

To find information before making a purchase, 70% of shoppers now prefer to read company articles rather than traditional advertising, resulting in the development of a new approach: Inbound Marketing.

The development of Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing includes all the methods used to draw prospects naturally towards a company's products and/or services: SEO optimization, use of social networks, blogging strategies… Less intrusive and better adapted to today's consumer expectations, Inbound Marketing strategies get better results: a good Inbound Marketing strategy increases lead generation by 72%.

Inbound Marketing and content strategy: the challenges

For a successful Inbound Marketing Strategy, it has become mandatory to implement an effective content strategy generating 3 times more leads than paying for advertising on search engines. To implement such a strategy, a company must understand the needs of shoppers and provide the right content, in the right place and at the right time.

Publish relevant content

When shoppers go looking for information before buying, they expect to have access to content providing concrete solutions to their problem. 84% of shoppers expect companies to provide them with the content they're looking for.

This means that businesses must provide shoppers with relevant content adapted to each different phase of the shopping process (acknowledgment of their need, search for information, product assessment…). Marketing teams (33%) see this effort of adaptation as their biggest challenge.

Diversify contents

Shoppers want to read lots of different content before buying: 71% of shoppers read blog articles and40% read 3 to 5 different contents before contacting a salesperson and/or vendor.

Businesses are therefore diversifying their contents. Among the 5most effective types of content: whitepapers (82%), webinars (78%), case studies (73%), e-books (67%), infographics (66%)...

Target the right keywords

When they want information on a product and/or service, shoppers look for this information on search engines before buying: this is how 93% of online shopping experiences begin.

For businesses this requires targeting and integrating the right keywords in each of their contents. This is essential to ensure that shoppers access information that is relevant to their search engine queries.

Adaptation of contents, production of a wide range of formats (infographics, whitepapers, customer case studies, blog articles...), targeting the right keywords... To achieve this requires daily competitive watch. In 2019, 32% of companies said that “the analysis of competitor content” was the most effective method for a successful content strategy.

When you have a lot of competitors producing a large volume of contents, this watch mission can become extremely complex, which is why so many companies are now using Inbound Marketing solutions.

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