Customized Dashboard

Access a Dashboard organized according to your needs and centralizing all stats, latest page creations and updates detected on the websites in your selection.

Identification of websites

You determine the list of websites you want Ahuna to monitor according to your competitive environment.

Managing scans

Configure the frequency and detail of website scans depending on your requirements and industry needs.

Statistics functions

At any time, you can consult real time details of website statistics and any changes: number of pages per site, statistics per language and per country, most frequently used keywords...

Advanced multicriteria search

Use the different filters available to quickly access any of the elements contained in the list of websites and associated pages.

Automatic collection and weighting of keywords

Ahuna lists the keywords found on each page and assigns a score depending on precise criteria: number of occurrences on a web page, density, position (title, H1, H2, H3, H4...)...

Intuitive Navigation

Find your way intuitively within the tool for quick access to the information you need by choosing from among the different navigation options (websites, keywords, pages...).

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