Print extension for the Akeneo PIM

Use the product information in Akeneo PIM and create all your printed marketing materials swiftly and easily (catalogs, price sheets, product datasheets, flyers…).

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Create InDesign documents easily

Design your templates

Choose and customize templates according to your needs: organization of text blocks, creation of lists and tables, application of InDesign styles…

Drag and drop product data from Akeneo PIM

Use the templates to present the product information contained in Akeneo PIM with “drag and drop”.

Export your documents

Export your documents in various formats and towards all selling channels.

Use customized data in your page layouts

Integrate product information adapted to each context (selling channel, country, target…) into your documents and ensure that your data is consistent on all medias.

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akeneo pim print
Present up to date documents

The information updates automatically, guaranteeing reliable information on all your materials.

Supervise your documents, step by step

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Create workflows
Work as a team to design your documents
Monitor the progress of each document through publication
Get started quickly

The print module connects natively to Akeneo PIM through its API, requiring no further installation

Intuitive interface

Manage all your materials simply through a user-friendly and intuitive interface.