Do you need a PIM solution? Take this quiz to find out!

Is your business considering using PIM (Product Information Management)? The best way to clarify your needs is to answer these few questions. This quiz will only take a few minutes and will tell you if a PIM solution is what your business needs to manage your product information.

Once you've finished the test, your results will be displayed along with concrete suggestions and links to articles providing more information on the topic.

1. How many product references do you have?

2. How often do you update them?

3. How many users are involved and/or should be involved in your product repository?

4. How many tools (applications, BDD, files…) do you use to manage your product information?

5. What system(s) rely on your product information?

6. Do you use a DAM (Digital Asset Management) solution to manage your digital media (videos, audio files, logos, photos…)?

7. Do you communicate your product references on eCommerce sites and/or marketplaces?

8. Does your product repository exist in several languages?

9. Is your content adapted to each country or language?

10. Do you distribute your content on print channels (Catalogs, Product datasheets, flyers…)

11. Are these tools produced automatically or could they be?

12. Is your content adapted to your distribution channels and targets?

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