Infographic: Social Commerce


Wednesday 8 March 2023 
Elsa Benaiche Elsa Benaiche
1 minute
Infographic: Social Commerce

Social networks represent important business opportunities for eCommerce companies and 30% of them are already using this channel to generate sales while 12% have plans to start using them.

To get the most from social commerce it is important to understand what shoppers expect from the social networks and to keep yourself informed about the possibilities that this channel provides: advantages, features, opportunities…

In this infographic, discover the key figures about what shoppers are looking for on the social networks and the growing importance of social commerce.

Infographie Social-commerce-Reseaux-sociaux EN

For eCommerce businesses, social commerce provides numerous advantages: increased visibility, enhanced brand image, additional leads… and allows you to adapt the shopping journey to the new uses of shoppers. To meet their demands on this channel, it is important to present content adapted to their profile and in keeping with their preferences.

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