PIM and Cloud: how to boost your performance?

Product Information Management

Thursday 6 August 2020 
Elsa Benaiche Elsa Benaiche
PIM and Cloud: how to boost your performance?
The worldwide market for cloud services is booming and estimated to reach 623.3 billion dollars1 by 2023. Businesses are increasingly developing cloud strategies to optimize their costs and save time: 77% of businesses2 see cloud technologies as a competitive advantage.

Scalability, security, high performance, the cloud promises so much. When using a PIM (Product Information Management) solution, the cloud allows you to better manage costs and significantly reduce the costs of maintenance and updating operations. What are the main benefits of the cloud? How does the cloud optimize the performance of a PIM solution?

The cloud in business: what are the advantages?

In a professional context, the cloud has three main benefits: security, scalability, and IT resilience.

pim et cloud les avantages

Security is a major preoccupation in any business. The cloud provides organizations with high-performance technologies to protect them from all types of risks: intrusion, data theft, cyber-attack… After switching to the cloud, 94% of businesses2 observed a significant improvement in security.

Another advantage of the cloud is “scalability” Cloud architecture is “scalable” as it can adjust dynamically according to needs (increase in the number of servers, unplanned resizing of environments, increase in bandwidth, change in storage capacity). It is extremely adaptable with virtually unlimited resources, to meet the specific needs of each company.

Finally, the cloud uses virtualization technologies enabling it to guarantee tremendous IT resilience it provides very high tolerance to machine breakdowns with operations spread across several physical machines, spontaneous transfer in case of problems or simplification of safeguarding, duplication, recovery.

PIM and Cloud: a competitive market advantage

Cloud based PIM provides increased availability of your product data. Through the cloud, your teams can access the company’s central product data source, at any time and from any device. The cloud promotes mobility and team collaboration, while ensuring maximum security for your data.

Alpia PIM/Arsia – cloud version for optimized performance

Single-Tenant architecture: guarantee of high security

For its PIM/MDM/DAM Alpia solution and its publication production management Arsia solution, Goaland has set up a “Single-Tenant” architecture. This structure provides increased data isolation and optimal security. Each company has their own resources: their individual URL, data base, storage space, implementation context… As such they can work confidently in their specific environment, separated from other companies.

This architecture makes it possible to adapt the upgrade calendar to the context of each business: maintenance and deployment operations are carried out in concertation with the client to work around production constraints.

OVHcloud for optimal efficiency

For its cloud based solutions, Goaland works with OVHcloud. Present in 4 continents, OVHcloud provides infrastructures on the cutting edge of innovation. The company manages 30 datacenters, 12 sites, and 2200 employees for 1.5 million clients in 132 countries worldwide. OVHcloud ranks among the world’s top 10 cloud providers alongside Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

pim et cloud ovhcloud

OVHcloud solutions are known for their high performance combined with top quality service. Based on OpenStack, OVHcloud provides numerous solutions with powerful and secure architectures using robust and competitive equipment.

OVHcloud is also known for its commitment to the environment. Involved in a socially responsible process and respectful of the environment, OVHcloud carries out numerous actions bringing together the ecological transition and the digital transition (optimization of electricity consumption, water-cooling systems, investment in renewable energies…).

With OVHcloud, Goaland relies on a top-quality partner to provide their clients with maximum performance and security.

“DevOps” for increased efficiency

To meet the demands of their clients, Goaland has a “DevOps” emphasis merging the domains of operations and development to achieve continual improvement: our teams control, supervise and operate the environments using a maximum of automation (packaging and deployment scripts, use of different APIs, specific supervision tools…). The tools provided by OVHcloud follow this logic allowing for efficient and optimal utilization of environments.

What about the other “clouds”?

Alpia and Arsia solutions are also available “on-premise” and can be deployed in other cloud environments, be they private (VMWare, Hyper-V…) or public (Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, AWS…) to adapt to each company’s IT strategy.

Discover Alpia and Arsia

1MarketsandMarketsTM INC. Cloud Computing Market worth $832.1 billion by 2025.
2Salesforce. 12 Benefits of Cloud Computing.

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