Arsia Product Data Publishing

Arsia Product Data Publishing

Assisted page layout for your publications (catalogs, flyers, product descriptions…) from a PIM, a MDM, a CMS or an e-commerce platform.

Solution based on Adobe InDesign Server©

Adobe Adobe InDesign Server
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Produce your print and digital product catalogues easily

Assisted page layout

Arsia Product Data Publishing collects product data and lays it out with a professional Adobe InDesign Server© quality.

Ergonomics and simplicity

Arsia Product Data Publishing provides a simple management interface: use drag and drop to place your products in your publication pages and select your templates. You can then adjust the layout if necessary.

Print & Digital

Arsia Product Data Publishing exports the publications in PDF (for print or digital use) or in a digital kiosk in enhanced presentation (with links, videos, slideshows…)

Capitalize on your product data

Connected to your PIM, MDM, CMS or e-commerce platform

Arsia Product Data Publishing has an integrated connector technology which allows it to interact directly with a PIM (Product Information Management, MDM (Master Data Management), CMS or e-commerce platform. You can use the standard available connectors or request the creation of a customized connector.


A fully integrated platform

Data synchronization

Arsia Product Data Publishing contains a module called “Data Manager”, which stores in read-only mode and synchronizes all information (texts, descriptions, images, prices, technical specifications…) with your data management system (PIM, MDM, CMS, e-commerce, ERP…).

Template management

No need for a “plug-in”, Arsia Product Data Publishing integrates your standard Adobe InDesign files directly and allows you to configure them as templates (mapping, formulation, cropping…). They are then used to dynamically lay out the product information.

On-line publishing

Arsia Product Data Publishing prepares new InDesign documents which you can edit directly online. Arsia Product Data Publishing has an intuitive graphic interface allowing you to easily manage the various elements of your publication pages.

Multi-format export

Arsia Product Data Publishing exports your publications in your chosen format: PDF, enhanced digital publications or native InDesign files which can be modified by a graphic designer on the desktop version of Adobe InDesign and then imported back into the platform.

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