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Alpia is a PIM (Product Information Management) solution that helps your sales and marketing teams to manage optimally the product information lifecycle and reduce time to market.

Linked to your business applications (ERP, MDM, CRM, DAM), Alpia simplifies product data updating while guaranteeing information consistency thanks to an integrated workflow.

Governance For Your Product Data

for your product data

80% of companies lack confidence in the quality of their product information—a mistrust resulting from scattered data (ERP, MDM, CRM, DAM…) or isolated Excel files. The prime purpose of Alpia is to centralize data to make it readily accessible and organize validation processes.

The Right Information For The Right Medium

The right information
for the right medium

Each medium has its own specificities. The product information published in a printed catalog needs adapting to the requirements of a website, a tablet or a smartphone. Thanks to its attribute management system, Alpia manages all these editorial constraints and aligns multilingual versions, natural search (SEO) and geolocation.

Enhanced Sales Responsiveness

Enhanced sales responsiveness

Alpia simplifies updates and reduces the time to market of your products by optimizing processes and synchronizing product data across all distribution channels. Shorter publishing times make your company more agile, more responsive and closer to your clients.

Data Under Control

under control

Every change made to a product datasheet is automatically transferred to all digital and print publications. Thanks to a highly configurable workflow, your synchronizations are under control. And you are free to choose the technical solution to interconnect Alpia with your digital platforms.

Optimal Interoperability


At any time, you may import XLS data and export it for other uses in standard formats such as XML. Goaland offers an API to integrate Alpia into your information system (ERP, MDM, CRM, DAM…). Alpia also interfaces with e-commerce engines such as Magento or Prestashop to automatically update all product datasheets published online. And Alpia is fully compatible with Arsia to orchestrate your print publications.

An Ecosystem At Your Service

An ecosystem
at your service

Goaland and its network of partners help you implementing Alpia, from configuration to deployment, from training to managing change. To connect Alpia to your applications or to meet specific requirements, at your request Goaland can customize Alpia to satisfy your needs.

A High-performing And Up-to-date Business Model

A high-performing and 

up-to-date business model

Installed in your data center or in SaaS mode, Alpia offers the great flexibility of a leased system.

Your Data Belongs To You

Your data
belongs to you

Alpia gives you full control over your data; you are its owner and conductor.

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