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Arsia is an EMM (Enterprise Multichannel Management) solution designed for the communications, sales and marketing departments 
of companies that produce publications and catalogs.

With Arsia, your content is reliable and your creativity is unleashed. Designed for print publishing, Arsia also orchestrates your digital media production.

Better Targeted, Customized Publications

Better targeted, 
customized publications

Thanks to differentiated treatment of content (text, images) and layout (templates, styles), Arsia makes it easy to customize different versions without increasing costs. With Arsia, you can easily turn a guidebook into fact sheets or mini-guides, adapt the summer or winter season versions of a catalog, publish a brochure in several languages…

Layout Wizard

Layout wizard

Arsia speeds up the layout of documents without any special skills in desktop publishing. Arsia uses Adobe InDesign Server to orchestrate the production of your documents, from flatplan to layout to printing. Alone or as a team, you independently manage the final corrections to texts or visual adjustments, in line with the predefined graphic charter.

Print Plus Digital = 100percent Multichannel

Print + Digital = 100% multichannel

Arsia includes Alpia, Goaland’s PIM software that ensures consistency of your product data across all media, whether print or digital.
Arsia handles a two-way synchronization between InDesign documents and the PIM solution.

Content Quality Is The Priority

Content quality
is the priority

Arsia offers marketing departments a new approach to managing catalogs. Centralized access to product data fosters collaborative work and empowers team members in their own areas of expertise thanks to the integrated workflow engine. With Arsia, the designers can focus on design and product managers on data quality, with very little need to go back and forth between them.

Roi 1 To 3 Years

ROI: 1 to 3 years

Arsia optimizes your marketing budget. Fewer errors in product data and more effective task allocation make for speedier publication production. Our clients find that their pre-press costs are cut by up to 60% and that their time to market can go from 6 months to a week.

A Long-term Support

Long-term support

Goaland supports you throughout the implementation and integration of Arsia. Audit of documents and existing data sources, process optimization, defining templates to be automated, configuration, training and technical assistance… Goaland’s consulting engineers are at your service to guide your migration successfully and optimize your return on investment.

An Ecosystem At Your Service

An ecosystem
at your service

Goaland works with a network of partners and integrators to meet all your business needs.

A High-performance And Up-to-date Business Model

A high-performance and

up-to-date business model

Installed in your data center or in SaaS mode, Arsia offers the full flexibility of a leased system.

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