Weber Saint-Gobain

Use the data from an MDM to produce catalogs






Countries equipped

Key elements of the project


World leader in mortar-based solutions

Synchronization of data between the MDM and the Alpia PIM / Arsia platform
Improvement and layout of data
Automated production of product information sheets
Automated production of the 500-page catalog

The context

MDM, Centralization of product reference documents, omnichannel publication

Since 2011, Weber Saint-Gobain has been using the Arsia / Apia PIM platform. In 2016, the Saint-Gobain group began to use an MDM solution..

The needs

Flow of MDM import towards Alpia PIM, Improvement of information for print, Advice, Support

Weber commissioned Goaland to set up a connection between the MDM and the Alpia PIM / Arsia platform to guarantee the continuity of its automated print production.

The challenge

Synchronization MDM/Alpia PIM, PDF Flow, Coordination of the design phases

Goaland designed the data flows and coordinated and executed the synchronization of complex structures with the MDM team

Build a beautiful performant website with Insight


Design of XML flows, automated import, data improvement structure, automated print production.

Connection between Alpia PIM and the MDM, design of the data improvement structure and automated layout rules.


The result

Maintain the continuity of print production – Consistent omnichannel communication

The synergy between the MDM and the Alpia PIM / Arsia platform guarantees the consistency of Weber’s omnichannel communication

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