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World leader in mortar-based solutions for building construction and renovation.

Key figures

  • 4000 distributors
  • 350 products
  • 75 regular users across 10 countries

Key elements

Synchronization of information, improvement, automated production

  • Synchronization of data between the MDM and the Arsia / Alpia PIM platform
  • Improvement and formatting information for printing
  • Automated production, through Arsia, of product fact sheets in PDF format as well as the 500-page guide

The context

MDM, Centralization of product reference documents, omnichannel publication

Since 2011, Weber has been using the Arsia / Apia PIM platform to produce their print publications from a centralized product data base.

In 2016, the Saint-Gobain group began to implement an MDM solution to enable the Group’s different companies to centralize the management of their product reference documents and to supply the different communication channels.

The needs

Flow of MDM import towards Alpia PIM, Improvement of information for print, Advice, Support

For the implementation of the MDM in Saint-Gobain, Weber commissioned Goaland to set up a connection between the MDM and the Arsia / Alpia PIM platform. Weber Saint Gobain wanted to guarantee the continuity of its automated print production.

The specific needs:

  • Implementation of an automatic import flow of the structure and data from the MDM towards Arsia / Alpia PIM
  • Allow the Communication teams to improve, format and adapt information in Alpia PIM depending on the use context of the Print format
  • Guidance and support for the Communication teams in the implementation of a new print graphic charter

The challenge

Synchronization MDM/Alpia PIM, PDF Flow, Coordination of the design phases

  • Synchronization of complex structures between the MDM and Alpia PIM
  • Implementation of a flow of PDF files available on the websites
  • Coordination with the MDM development teams for the design of data flows
  • Coordination with the creative agency to design InDesign templates for the new graphic charter


CDesign of XML flows, automated import, data improvement structure, automated print production

The project was implemented in close collaboration with the Saint-Gobain teams in charge of the MDM and the Goaland France engineers to:

  • design the XML flow of data from the MDM
  • develop the automated import process in Arsia / Alpia PIM

After connection between Alpia PIM and the MDM, Goaland France worked with the Weber operational teams to:

  • design the structure for improving data for print materials
  • implement automated layout rules
  • create a range of InDesign matrices for different layout templates
  • produce different printed materials

A function for retrieving PDF files generated by Arsia was developed to make them available to the MDM and for circulation on the Weber websites.

The result

Maintain the continuity of print production – Consistent omnichannel communication

This project enabled Weber to maintain the continuity of its print production in line with the new organization of the Saint-Gobain group’s information system, without the need to implement a separate solution for managing publications.

The synergy between the product reference documents and the Arsia / Alpia PIM platform allows Weber to be consistent in their communication, both on the digital media fueled by the MDM and on print media generated by Arsia / Alpia PIM.

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