Arsia Product Data Publishing

Arsia Product Data Publishing

Data synchronization

Arsia synchronizes all product data whatever the format (text, HTML, image, price, integer, drop-down list, check box, etc.) and allows enhancements like automatic calculations, pictograms, additional data entries, etc.

Template configuration

With Arsia, it's easy to set up your templates:

  • combining product attributes and template locations,
  • advanced typesetting:
    • dynamic text around attributes
    • dynamic formatting
    • lists and tables.

Publication creation interface

Arsia makes it easy for you to design publications: you simply drag and drop your products into your catalog pages.

Document editing

Arsia lets you edit documents generated automatically: resize and move blocks, reframe images, adjust presentation texts around attributes, etc.

Validation workflow

Arsia includes a configurable workflow engine that allows you to manage your validation workflow: online annotations, status of each page, automated alerts, etc. All these functions allow you to monitor closely your publications' validation process.

Export in several formats

Arsia works natively on InDesign files, which may be used directly or exported in different formats and levels of quality (PDF files for reading on-screen or professional printing, digital kiosk…).

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